New help for victims of honour violence

A helpline aimed at providing support for victims of honour-based violence was launched in Huntingdon on Monday. The Choice helpline will be run by specially trained female police officers 24 hours a day and is the second of its kind in the country. Detective Inspector Melanie Dales, who is running the initiative, said “the purpose of the hotline is to provide victims with a confidential way to get in touch with specially trained officers”. Cambridgeshire police receives about eight calls related to honour-based violence each month. A victim of the violence spoke at the launch of the hotline at Cambridgeshire police headquarters in Huntingdon about her ordeal. The woman in her 20s said: “My life was planned for me. I was just waiting for it to happen. I could feel the pressure I had to be the good dutiful Muslim daughter and sister who had no choice but to accept my fate of an arranged marriage and the life that it would bring for me.”