Nine Pakistani men awaiting trial for four months in Spain

Four months after being arrested on charges of terrorism by Spanish authorities, ten Muslim men continue to await trial. One of the arrested men, Roshan Jamal Khan, the only Indian of the group (the rest are Pakistani nationals) said in a phone interview: Ten days ago, I spoke to an Indian official. I have no idea where the case is going. I have been produced in court only once at the beginning and since then there has been no word on my case. I hope that I will be produced in court soon. But I really do not know where to go from here. Khan’s frustration echoes the others, who have yet to see any progress in their case. Defense lawyer Bernhard Salellas, a local lawyer in the legal team representing the 10 arrestees, said: We have asked the judge concerned for a date for a court hearing in their case. However, no date has been set by the judge.