Terrorists in Pakistan and UK linked, says minister

British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said here on Monday that there were connections between terrorist organisations operating in the UK and Pakistan. Threats to the UK had connections here, she said, adding that threats to Pakistan had been traced back to the UK. Ms Smith was speaking at the inaugural ceremony of a calligraphic exhibition held at the National Art Gallery.She said that the terrorist organisations represented a very small minority and were needed to be isolated and condemned collectively. She said Pakistan faced the major brunt and hundreds of its people died in suicide attacks last year. Many of the attacks had been against undefended targets and most of the causalities were innocent civilians. Ms Smith said that cooperation and dialogue between security agencies of the two countries were vital. Pakistani agencies have played a key role in important counter-terrorist investigations in the UK in recent years. She said that cooperation between the services of the two countries continued after the attacks in London in July 2005 and during the alleged operation to destroy airliners en route to the US in 2006. Ms Smith said she knew the new political set-up in Pakistan waned to do more. The UK had already provided extensive assistance to the Pakistani services. But, we will urgently consider what more can be done to further enhance our joint work, she added.