Geert Wilders Controversy: Czech Party Offers to Show Anti-Islam Film

The Web site for an anti-Koran film being made by Dutch right-wing lawkmaker Geert Wilders was suspended by its US hosting service over the weekend. But a far-right party in the Czech Republic has offered to screen it if Wilders can’t find another outlet. A far-right political party in the Czech Republic has offered to show a Dutch lawmaker’s anti-Koran film if it is banned in the Netherlands. The offer came after a US Internet hosting service suspended the Web site promoting “Fitna,” the 15-minute film far-right politician Geert Wilders says he is making, on Saturday.In the Netherlands, where Wilders leads the reactionary Freedom Party, the film has sparked demonstrations even before its release. Thousands demonstrated in central Amsterdam against the film on Saturday in a protest intended to show that Wilders does not represent the whole country.