Far-right candidate of Moroccan origin says there are too many mosques

Zakaria Najib, the first Moroccan-born member of the far-right Northern League party has complained that there are too many mosques in Italy. Najib first came to Italy when he was 20 years old, and after living in the country for 30 years, now lives in the province of Padua. He is planning to run in Italy’s general elections in April as a candidate for the Northern Leauge, an anti-immigrant party. Najib told AKI that “In a nearby city council, 30,000 euros were given to restructure a mosque… Now they want to give another 800,000 euros to construct another bigger mosque a few kilometers away. It is time to say enough. I am not against mosques but here we really have too many.” Najib admitted that he was no longer a practicing Muslim and considered himself more culturally linked to Islam.