Ayaan Hirsi Ali Asks EU Lawmakers for Protection

After spending the last two years in the US and recently requesting French citizenship, Ayaan Hirsi Ali went before a group of 100 EU lawmakers to request assistance in protecting her life from Muslim jihadists who vowed to hunt her down. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the former Dutch lawmaker whose criticism of Islam (more…) has kept her on the run since 2004, was in front of the European Parliament on Thursday pleading for a measure to help her fund a personal security detail. “The threats to my life have not subsided and the cost is beyond anything I can pay,” Hirsi Ali said to a group of European Union lawmakers on Thursday. “I find myself in a very desperate position. I don’t want to die. I want to live and I love life. I’m going to do anything legal to get help.” Hirsi Ali went before a gathering of 100 EU lawmakers who signed a declaration requesting EU member nations to assume the costs of Hirsi Ali’s security. Support by more than half of the 785 members of the European Parliament is needed by mid-March for the EU to formally take up the request.