CAIR releases Results of Muslim Voter Survey: Poll finds 80% of Muslim voters will participate in presidential primaries

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today released the results of a national survey indicating that Muslim voters are civically engaged, remain well integrated in American society and are politically active. Although most are still undecided on their pick for the next president, nearly 80 percent said they would vote in the primaries.

The survey, commissioned by the Washington-based Islamic civil rights and advocacy group, asked 1,000 registered Muslim voters about their demographic profiles, political views and levels of social integration. Respondents were randomly drawn from a pool of some 400,000 registered Muslim voters. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus three percent.

The survey’s results show a family-oriented, highly-educated and diverse group of voters who condemn terrorism and believe anti-Americanism in the Muslim world is a serious problem.

The poll also shows that the more devout Muslim voters are also those who are most likely to believe that Islam and modernity are compatible.

Respondents were asked which issues will most influence their vote. Education was the top pick indicated by 89 percent, followed by civil rights (86 percent), health care policy (85 percent) and the economy (85 percent).

“Our survey shows that most Muslim voters are still undecided on their preferred presidential candidate, yet are politically engaged and extremely likely to vote,” said CAIR spokeswoman Amina Rubin. “This means that a potential bloc of Muslim swing voters in several battleground states is ready to support a candidate who will commit to acting on issues that concern America’s Muslims.”

CAIR’s survey also indicated that many Muslim voters are concentrated in 10 states: California, 19 percent; New York, 13 percent; Illinois, 10 percent; Texas, 9 percent; Virginia, 7 percent; Michigan, 6 percent; Florida, 6 percent; Maryland, 5 percent; Pennsylvania, 4 percent; and Ohio, 3 percent.

The full results of CAIR’s survey may be viewed here.

Communities and Local Government: Gordon Brown launches the muslim women’s advisory group

The National Muslim Women’s Advisory group (NMWAG) was formally launched today by the Prime Minister. The group attended the Prime Minister’s Eid reception at Downing Street. NMWAG will be led by 19 Muslim women representing a wide spectrum of communities, professions and traditions. They will discuss issues and concerns that affect Muslim women, for example education, employment, access for women to mosques and their management committees and cultural barriers including issues around forced marriages. NMWAG comprises of a group of women who are in positions of leadership or are working with communities. They will meet several times a year and are an independent informal group advising on issues to empower Muslim women and increase their participation in civic, economic and social life. NMWAG has been set up by Communities and Local Government as part of its work to prevent violent extremism.

California county government reaches out to Muslim residents: Mental health office seeking to build trust

By Jennifer Torres San Joaquin County’s mental health office is seeking help from a community organization to build trust among Muslim and Middle Eastern residents, who traditionally have been underserved in mental health programs. The effort is part of a wider county plan to improve mental health among Middle Eastern and Muslim, Laotian, Hmong, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Latino, American Indian and black communities and also people who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. The county will work with community agencies representing each of those groups to provide education, strengthen relationships and ultimately improve access to mental health care, Deputy Director Becky Gould said.

Migrant workers in south live in ‘seasonal hell’

In Italy’s southern regions, migrant workers from Africa and Asia live in conditions that non-governmental organization Medecins Sans Frontieres describes as ‘seasonal hell.’ Many migrant laborers in Italy’s agricultural sector are subject to violence and pay well below the minimum wage, and often have deteriorating health from their working in conditions, developing chronic cough, gastroenteritis, lumbago, and multiple skin conditions.

Norway: Muslim child placed with lesbian foster family

A Muslim mother reacted severely after her child was placed into the care of lesbian foster parents in Trondheim. The municipality states that they think they have handled things correctly. The child has many psychological problems, as do the parents of the child, who experienced torture in their homeland. Jorid Midtlyng of the municipal council wrote a letter to the Muslim community saying that due to the children’s need, the decision to place the child in the care of a lesbian couple was the necessary.

Area Imam Leaves United States Under Threat of Deportation

by NICK WELSH {Muslim Leader Plans to Appeal Alleged Visa Violations From England} Imam Abdur Rahman, the spiritual leader for South Coast Muslims, was forced to leave the United States or face imminent deportation this past week. According to sources closes to Rahman, the Imam violated the terms of his temporary visa by selling spiritual texts on the internet. According to Rahman himself, he was seeking to make his temporary visa permanent when he was rebuffed by immigration and homeland security officials. He claimed that other imams throughout the United States have experienced intense scrutiny and long delays in such matters since 9/11. In either case, Rahman said he plans to appeal the decision from England, his native country.

Tax guide published in Arabic

Italy’s tax collection agency has produced a tax guide in Arabic, as well as several other foreign languages, to help immigrant workers pay their taxes. The 28-page guide can be downloaded from the tax agency’s website, and is available in Arabic, Romanian, Serbo-Croatian, and Italian. “The guide for foreigners contains key information on taxation, personal tax codes and VAT numbers, as well as the purchase and rental of properties, tax returns and rebates, inheritance, and communication of tax irregularities,” the agency said on its website. The initiative is part of a plan by the government to clamp down on rampant tax evasion in Italy.

Subsidies for families to host Darfur refugees

The northern Italian city of Turin is offering 300 euros per month as a subsidy to families who host refugees from the war-torn Darfur region in Sudan. The aim of the project is to encourage families or persons to host one or two refugees for six to twelve months, so that the refugees can achieve a certain level of autonomy. Most of the refugees are between the ages of 25-28. Of the 420 refugees and asylum seekers hosted by Turin, only 148 are eligible for the program, due to limited space.

Famous singer to bring Israelis and Palestinians together

Italian singer and composer Amadeo Minghi will celebrate his 40th anniversary as a performer by hosting a concert in Rome on February 2nd, calling for peace in the Middle East. At the concert, Palestinian and Israeli performers will join him in collaborating the performance. Minghi said that the joint performance had been planned for more than six years, and he hoped that these “small waves of peace, can become a tsunami of coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians.” Amadeo Minghi is one of Italy’s most famous performing artists; he has composed 27 albums during his 40-year career.