Italy Debates New Immigration Law as Illegal Immigration Attempts Soar

Despite a decrease in the number of migrants arriving illegally via the Mediterranean, the number of migrants attempting to reach Italy from war-ravaged African countries such as Somalia, Eritrea, and Ethiopia show no signs of easing. Marcella Lucidi, the interior ministry official responsible for immigrations, says that the most recent arrivals are coming from Egyptian ports claiming to be Palestinian. Italy is debating new immigration laws, as it seeks to find long-lasting solutions towards dealing the transnational challenges of human migration.

The Iranian ambassador in Madrid classifies the American sanctions imposed on Iran as a form of economic terrorism

The US attitude towards Iran is an illegal attitude tantamount to economic terrorism, done with the objective of creating fear in the economic market. This is was the belief of Seyyed Davud Salehi, the Ambassador of Iran in Madrid, in response to an IRNA reporter asking about the new north-American actions against Iran. Salehi, opposition to this action, underlined the cooperation between Iran and the EU regarding energetic political agreements.

Court blames the 11-M Islamist cell, pulls away ETA and dismisses all false information supported by the PP

The sentence signed today by the judges of the National Hearing, Fernando Garc_a Nicol_s, Alfonso Guevara and Javier G_mez Berm_dez, deliberated that the 11-M attacks were perpetrated by an Islamist cell with the help of an ex-mine worker. The mine-worker, named Jos_ Emilio Su_rez Trashorras, is believed to have facilitated the theft of explosives from a mine in the region of Asturias, used to make the bombs used in the attacks. Jamal Zougam and Otman El Gnaoui were condemned as for their material invovlvement, and Jos_ Emilio Su_rez Trashorras was condemned as an accessory.

Ethnic statistics find an opening

The use of an ethnic-racial reference is becoming a possible prospect in France, with the intent of studying the trajectories of immigrants, the children of immigrants, and their degrees of inclusion and discriminations they may face. Introduced in May by the Demographic National Institute, the objective to ask questions and seek answers about demographic grown in France, although some see the project as a way to propagate stereotypes about skin colors, racism, and codify the uncategorical.

Britain Moves To Regulate Mosques

In the first government-sponsored attempt to put in place a system of regulating Britain’s over 1,300 mosques to prevent radicalization, a new body of four major Muslim groups formed after the July 7 London bombings has drafted proposals on core standards and constitutions for the mosques. The new proposals have been drawn up by the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Body (MINAB), set up by the Al-Khoei Foundation, the British Muslim Forum, the Muslim Association of Britain and the Muslim Council of Britain. MINAB was formed after the July 7, 2005 bombings.

21 guilty, seven cleared over Madrid train bombings

After a grueling and emotional five month trial, a Spanish judge found 21 people guilty of the March 11th, 2004 Madrid train bombings that killed 19` people, and injured 1,841 others. The verdict of the 11-M suspects, as the attacks re known in Spain, evoked mixed emotions – justice and relief for some, and dissatisfaction from several survivors and family members of the victims. The chief judge of the anti-terrorist court, Javier Gomez Bermudez, handed the heaviest sentences to two Moroccans – Jamal Zougam, and Othman el-Gnaoui, and a Spaniard – Jose Emolio Suarez Trashorras. Each of the three men received a severe approzimately 40,000 year sentence, although under Spanish law, the maximum they can spend is 40 years behind bars. Rabei Osman Sayed Ahmed, one of the alleged ringleaders of the attacks, was acquitted on all charges. A total of 28 defendance were on trial for the 11-M attacks – 19 of which are mostly North African Arabs living in Spain, and 9 Spaniards charged with providing the explosives used in the bombings. After the sentencing of Zougam, el-Gnaoui, and Trashorras, the remaining 18 received sentences between 3-18 years, for crimes ranging from using and providing explosives, to having membership in a terrorist group. The attack was claimed by the Al-Qaeda network of Osama bin Laden.

Unveiling Islam; A New Scientific Discipline is Born – Contemporary Muslim Life Discussed at the Symposium ‘Beyond the Stereotypes’

Secular Muslims who embrace various aspects of their heritage are often overlooked – both as social and as intellectual actors in modern Islamic societies, said Prof. Richard C. Martin, one of the key speakers at a symposium on contemporary Islam held 26 October at De Rode Hoed in Amsterdam. The question of who secular Muslims are and why they need to be part of future research in religious studies was the focus of discussion at the scientific meeting. The symposium, called ‘Beyond the Stereotypes’, was organized to help establish a new field of research – contemporary Islam. Prof. Martin: “The modern Muslim identity is far more complex and dynamic than most people are aware of.”…

Iraqi Terror Trial Exposes Belgium’s Muslim Dilemma

The recent start of a trial of six men accused of recruiting terrorists has put Belgian’s Muslim population in the spotlight. Worried that the country is emerging as a jihadist hub for terrorist attacks in Iraq, many Belgians blame the country’s open-door immigration policy, and hand-off approach concerning the construction of mosques in Belgium. In a country on the verge of a split, a growing fear about immigrants and Muslims seems to be a unifying position for a sizable portion of the population. However, others blame the rise of terror recruitment no on Belgium’s multiculturalism, but the country’s failure to successfully implement working integration model.