Islam in Prison

Ramadan starts on September 13th this year, devout Muslims respect the daily fast during this period, others have a less tight practice. Notwithstanding the practice, this particular time is an occasion to think about the place that religion, and this religion in particular has taken in prison. Religion has long played, and still does, an important role in jail.

As September 11th is looming, Islamophobic protests grow

Brussels’ mayor has forbidden a demonstration that several anti-Muslim associations wanted to organize on September 11th. These associations called their sympathizers to come anyway. They plan to stand in the 2009 European elections. The reasons invoked to forbid this gathering – it was considered as a threat to public order, and an incitement to discrimination and hatred – raised a heated debate, that recalled the debate that surrounded the publication of Mahomet’s cartoons in a Danish daily two years ago.