Netherlands: Trouble with Moroccan criminal youth

In Utrecht mayor Annie Brouwer will set up a prohibition on gathering in a part of Kanaleiland-Noord. The situation is getting out of control according to a mayor spokesperson on “4 in het land” program. The program “4 in het land” spent several weeks investigating in Kanaleneiland-Noord after the municipality put up fences around a senior home in order to cut off escape routes for criminals on scooters. The camera crew was chased out of the neighborhood three times by groups of youth, within five minutes. The first time a company car was destroyed and camera equipment was stolen. In the following attempt a reporter was pelted with stones. On the third attempt the crew had to flee when a group of youth stormed the car and smashed it up. The editors of the show then decided to interview the residents undercover. Residents told the reporters that they didn’t call the police anymore since the youth then get back at them.