Muslim Group’s First Mission: Official Recognition of Islam in Germany?

A Muslim umbrella group formed in Germany last week aims to make Islam a “recognized” religion under federal law. That could mean Islamic instruction in public schools — or even fundraising through the tax system. The German-Islamic umbrella group launched last week called the Coordination Council of Muslims in Germany (KRM) would like “a binding road map to put Islam on an equal footing” with Christian religions in Germany, said Aiman Mazyek, general secretary of the Central Council of Muslims, one of the groups represented in the new organization. “Equal footing” could lead to Islamic instruction in German public schools, or even tithing of Muslims through the German tax office — a feature of federal law that provides Christian churches in Germany an income stream. Germany’s Jews have received federal funding since 2003. Mazyek said he was looking forward to an Islamic conference in May with German Interior Minister Wolfgang Sch_uble, where he hoped to hammer out a set of guidelines for official recognition of Islam “as quickly as possible.” The demand is far from uncontroversial, however (…) Article continues [here->,1518,477438,00.html].