Italian Woman’s Veil Stirs More Than Fashion Feud

By Ian Fisher REZZO, Italy – The immediate issue is how one woman in one tiny town in northern Italy dresses, so it made a certain kind of sense for Giorgio Armani to weigh in. His opinion? A woman should wear what she likes, even if what she likes is a veil that hides her face completely. “It’s a question of respect for the convictions and culture of others,” Mr. Armani, the fashion designer, said in a statement released late last month. “We need to live with these ideas.” He was speaking out in defense of Sabrina Varroni, a Muslim woman from this town near the Swiss border who has been fined 80 euros, about $100, for appearing twice in public wearing a veil that completely covered her face. Her punishment has won cheers from some Italians and has horrified others.

The President Of The French Council Of Islamic Faith Is Preparing A Dissident Structure.

The French Council of the Islamic Faith (CFCM) is taking water on all sides. Its president, Dalil Boubakeur, is starting the creation of a separate structure, which would be baptized Conf_d_ration of the Moslems of France. In addition to the Mosque of Paris, where Boubakeur is the vice-chancellor, a nebula of associations could would form it, according to Abderrahmane Dahmane, president of the Council of Muslim Democrats of France.

France Deports Algerian Imam For Anti-Women Statements

Paris (AFP) – Wegen islamisch-fundamentalistischer und frauenfeindlicher _u_erungen schiebt Frankreich einen algerischen Imam ab. Wie die Profektur in Lyon mitteilte, wurde der Vorbeter Abdelkader Bouziane am Dienstagmorgen festgenommen. Nach Angaben seines Anwaltes sollte der Imam noch am Nachmittag mit einem Linienflug von Lyon nach Algerien gebracht werden. Der Pariser Staatsrat als h_chstes franz_sisches Verwaltungsgericht hatte die Ausweisung am Vortag endg_ltig f_r gerechtfertigt erkl_rt. Bouziane war am 21. April ein erstes Mal des Landes verwiesen worden, nach einer Entscheidung des Verwaltungsgerichts Lyon jedoch kurz darauf zur_ckgekehrt.