CMAR Co-Director Professor Paul Greenhaff chaired the Growing Older, Better Expert Group which produced a new report published by The Physiological Society, and launched at Westminster, on Tuesday 15 October 2019.

This new report, which is the result of a project involving an expert panel of researchers, funders and public health policymakers, outlines concerns that the Government is too focused on responding reactively to ageing, rather than being proactive in challenging the ageing process itself. The step change required to meet the government’s target will require… Read more »

CMAR Director Professor Janet Lord appointed Special Advisor to The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee inquiry into Ageing: Science, Technology and Healthy Living

The House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee, under the Chairmanship of Lord Patel, is conducting an inquiry into ageing and CMAR Director Janet Lord has been appointed as Special Advisor. This inquiry will seek to determine whether the Government’s ambition to increase healthspan is achievable in principle, and which approaches may be most… Read more »

Prizes for young CMAR researchers at ECSS in Prague

Nima Gharahdaghi and Natalie Shur won prestigious Young Investigator Prizes for their oral presentations at the annual meeting of the European College of Sports Sciences (ECSS) in Prague last weekend. Nimas presentation was “The physiological and mechanistic effects of chemical endogenous testosterone depletion during resistance exercise training in younger men: a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial”…. Read more »

Poster prize for CMAR PhD student

CMAR-funded PhD student Dan McCormick received a poster prize at this week’s annual meeting of the Physiological Society. Dan’s poster – ‘Motor Unit Characteristics of the Human Vastus Lateralis following Eccentric/ Concentric induced Functional Decline’ was selected to be the winning poster for the Theme of Human & Exercise Physiology. Well done Dan!

Fully-funded PhD Studentships open to applications

The MRC-Arthritis Research UK Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research is currently inviting applications for the following 9 funded PhD studentships to begin in October 2019. University of Birmingham The role of mitochondrial “quality control” in skeletal muscle ageing and responses to exercise (Dr Yu-Chiang Lai and Professor Phil Atherton) Proteomic analysis of the ageing associated… Read more »

Training for CMARs new PhD students is underway

In October 2018, bespoke Centre training included two-days across both Universities sites, with a focus on the Centres research platforms and technologies. The first of these days was at the University of Birmingham on “Metabolomics and Metabolism”, where students were introduced to the Centre’s facilities to measure cellular metabolism and metabolites including the Seahorse XF… Read more »

CMAR Co-Director Awarded Honorary Doctorate in Medicine

CMAR Co-Director Professor Paul Greenhaff will be awarded an honorary doctorate in Medicine by the University of Copenhagen next month at a ceremony attended by the Queen of Denmark. Scandinavia is the historical home of human and exercise physiology and where so much seminal ageing and musculoskeletal research has originated

2018 R Jean Banister Prize Lecture

We are delighted to announce that CMARs Dr Beth Phillips, Assistant Professor in Clinical, Metabolic & Molecular Physiology in the Division of Medical Sciences and Graduate Entry Medicine has been chosen as the recipient of The Physiological Society’s inaugural 2018 R Jean Banister Prize Lecture. This is a very prestigious prize lecture, established in 2016 in memory… Read more »

A lifetime of regular exercise slows down ageing

CMAR Researchers at the University of Birmingham and researchers atKing’s College London have found that staying active keeps the body young and healthy. The researchers set out to assess the health of older adults who had exercised most of their adult lives to see if this could slow down ageing. The study recruited 125 amateur… Read more »