Fully-funded PhD Studentships open to applications

The MRC-Arthritis Research UK Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research is currently inviting applications for the following 9 funded PhD studentships to begin in October 2019.

University of Birmingham

The role of mitochondrial “quality control” in skeletal muscle ageing and responses to exercise (Dr Yu-Chiang Lai and Professor Phil Atherton)

Proteomic analysis of the ageing associated extracellular vesicle secretome (Dr Martin Witham and Dr Leigh Breen)

Investigating barriers to protein intake and protein responsiveness in frail older adults living in nursing homes (Dr Carolyn Greig and Professor Paul Greenhaff)

Glucocorticoid regulation of NAD+ and energy metabolism in skeletal muscle ageing Professor Gareth Lavery and Dr Kostas Tsintzas

Longitudinal analysis of the effects of lifelong physical activity on muscle and immune ageing (Dr Niharika Duggal, Dr Claudio Mauro, and Professor Paul Greenhaff)

University of Nottingham

A multi-modal approach to deep phenotyping frailty (Professor Paul Greenhaff, Professor John Gladman, Professor Phil Atherton, Professor Sue Francis, Professor Penny Gowland, Professor Janet Lord, Dr Carolyn Greig, Dr Thomas Jackson)

The Vitamin D receptor and musculoskeletal ageing: a multi-modal approach (Professor Phil Atherton, Professor Martin Hewison, Dr Daniel Wilkinson, Dr Beth Phillips)

To determine the effect of surgical induced systemic inflammation on immobilisation induced declines in muscle protein synthesis and immune cell function (Dr Matt Brook, Professor Paul Greenhaff, Professor Phil Atherton, Professor Dileep Lobo, and Professor Janet Lord)

From motor cortex to muscle: Novel interventions to address the discordant relationship between declines in muscle size and strength in older people (Dr Mat Piasecki, Dr Chloe Chiou, Dr Beth Phillips)

Further details can be found on www.findaphd.com

Interviews will take place on March 21st (Nottingham) and 22nd (Birmingham) 2019