12 – 15 July 2021: ISTR 2021 Virtual Conference

Global Civil Society in Uncertain Times: Strengthening Diversity and Sustainability Civil society plays a crucial part in promoting cosmopolitan ideals of collective responsibility, global citizenship, tolerance, inclusivity, and sustainability.    Our virtual conference will consider the roles of NGOs, third sector and civil society organizations, broadly defined, in relation to civil society, state and markets in democratic contexts; challenges and opportunities of advocacy and campaigning in an era of “fake news”; governance, management, adaptation and sustainability of organizations; hybridity, legitimacy and the third sector; models of philanthropy and voluntarism; social movements and political participation in authoritarian and austere times; development and sustainability: the role of civil society; diversity, inequalities and…

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The University of Birmingham
The University of Edinburgh
centre for history of public health
University of Strathclyde