‘Speaking from experience – tales from the other side: What went well and what we wish we did differently during our PhD’

Panel 2: ‘Speaking from experience’ –  tales from the other side
(what went well and what we wish we did differently for our PhDs).

Edward Mushett Cole  (University of Birmingham) completed his PhD in Egyptology on the late New Kingdom and the Third Intermediate Period at the University of Birmingham. He then worked in an academic adjacent role for the College of Arts and Law at the University of Birmingham, and now works in a similar student engagement role for the Centre for Doctoral Studies at King’s College London. He will be approaching this topic by focusing on both his own experiences and what he learned about the opportunities for PGRs as a result of his subsequent roles in higher education and how that has informed what he now think of how he used his time.


John Rogers’ (Swansea University) research focuses on presentations and processes of state and power, especially in early Saite Egypt. He is trying to complete his PhD thesis amongst other things, and firmly believes that actively growing from mistakes and wrong turns is far better than not making them.


Jen Turner (University of Birmingham alum / Griffith Institute) completed an MRes in Egyptology at the University of Birmingham in 2017 and subsequently began a PhD on elite sculpture from the Karnak cachette. She was a Collections Assistant for the Eton Myers collection on loan to the University from 2018-2020, and later took on a role as Project Curator for Egyptian Statues at the British Museum from April 2020- April 2023. This latter role worked on improving the documentation for stone sculpture in the collection. She is now working at the Griffith Institute at the University of Oxford.